samedi 25 mai 2013

Financing the first CIK building and... some Raspberry Pi

There was very little to report on the CIK blog in the past few weeks... Teachers and students continue their ICT training at the Center, week after week.
There are however two particularly encouraging news to report now:

Financing the first CIK building

Thanks to our generous donors, we now have most of the funds necessary for the construction of the first CIK building in Topkli. We still need a few thousand euros then we’ll be able to start planning the construction.
The architect from the Ecole Africaine des Métiers de l’Architecture et de l’Urbanisme (EAMAU in Lomé) should be ready with a updated proposal within the next few days.

A Raspberry Pi classroom

Another generous donor helped us with the purchase of 25 Raspberry Pi ( and all their necessary peripherals (cases, power supplies, SD cards, video cables, keyboards, mice, etc.) We should therefore be ready to open a full Raspberry Pi classroom in September.
That would most likely be the very first class of its kind in Togo, and one of the first in West Africa. A very interesting setup to explore the potential of that amazing tool in secondary education in rural areas...
Of course, we now need to consider all details of a teaching program using the Raspberry Pi : the objectives, but also the content and the methodology. A reflection that will take place throughout next year and will require close collaboration with a group of teachers from Kuma ...

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