A Project Already Partially Realized

UP TO 2012, 75% of the teachers in Kuma had never used a computer ! 
By the end of 2014, we want to be able to write that 75% of them feel confident about using the tool for a variety of practical applications.

The CIK is no longer « just a project » or « just a nice idea » : since November 2012, it is a fully functional facility, at the service of the community.

The first computer classroom is open 3 days a week ; all teachers of the canton and their support staff (secretary, librarian...) have the opportunity to discover ICT. In order to avoid conflicts with regular school schedules, the CIK is open outside official school hours ; but teachers can also book the room during class time if they wish to use the equipment in support of their regular classes. 

Training sessions are organized regularly around topics such as the graphical user interface, an office suite (word processing, spreadsheet,  presentation…), image and sound editing, desktop publishing, collaboration tools (such as local wikis and online learning), etc. 

From September 2013, a program of daily ICT workshops will be offered, with a full-time coordinator in charge of the program. Each teacher will also be provided with his/her individual “ICT roadmap” booklet, a tool meant to help set personal goals and record  progress.   

MOST students, like their teachers, have little or no experience of Information Technology. Over 90% of them have never used a computer. The others have only been able to use a computer occasionally, at a cybercafé, when visiting the closest town of Kpalimé. But all are eager to learn, and they are fast learners !