2012-2018 - The Kuma Computer Center (CIK)

The first INITIC project was a computer lab installed in Kuma Tokpli, in a disaffected building lent to us by a local Farmers Association. The small building, refurbished by a team of villagers with the financial support of Kuma Tokpli's diaspora, and equipped with appropriate electrical wiring and a local area network, hosted a first computer lab from October 2012 to December 2017. It welcomed groups of learners on a very regular basis.

But the construction is now completed, in Kuma Tokpli, of a small INITIC building, which hosts, since January 2018, a Raspberry Pi lab, a multi-purpose room, and a tech room.

The infrastructure is not only accessible to students from Tokpli, it is also accessible to young people from the other villages in the Canton: K. Konda, K. Apoti, K. Apéyémé, and K. Bala.

K. Tokpli : The new INITIC building.

K. Tokpli : The new Raspberry Pi lab, which is operational since January 2018.
K. Tokpli : The small building which hosted
the first INITIC computer lab, from 2012 to December 2017.
K. Tokpli : A class of CEG (Middle School) students practicing.  

2014 - The "Raspberry Pi" computer lab in Kuma Adamé

The "Raspberry Pi" computer lab set up on the grounds of the Middle School (CEG) in K. Adamé has been in use since July 2014.  It is accessible to about 200 young students.

It was the first "Raspberry Pi" computer lab in Togo, and one of the first in West Africa.
Initially equipped with 21 first generation Raspberry Pi (Model B), it is a testimony of the reliability of nano-computers in a tropical school environment. In 3 years, we had to re-clone a few SD cards, but not a single computer failed, despite temperature, humidity and dust conditions that are far from ideal... 

In August 2017, we decided to replace the 21 Raspberry Pi Model B with more recent RP2 and RP3, in order to upgrade the lab to the same performance level as the others.

A small local server facilitates file sharing and hosts a local web server (with Moodle and WordPress) as well as a Kiwix server with the full content of Wikipedia in four languages (French, English, Spanish and German), a copy of the Gutenberg Collection (tens of thousands of public domain ebooks in French and in English), as well as several hundred educational videos (including "C'est-pas-Sorcier", etc.)

K. Adamé : CEG teachers guide students
through their discovery of ICT 

K. Adamé : The first  "Raspberry Pi" computer lab in Togo.
K. Adamé : The last session on the Raspberry Pi 1B, just before their replacement with Models 2 and 3 (summer 2017).

2016 - The "Raspberry Pi" computer lab at the Collège Polyvalent in Kpalimé

In July 2016,INITIC installed a third computer lab, at the Collège Polyvalent Saint-Esprit in Kpalimé ; it has been used regularly since October 2016 by over 400 M/HS students...

The lab is equipped with 25 computers, including 22 Raspberry Pi and a few laptops used for specific tasks. 
It is equipped with the same small local server than the other labs, a projector, a projection screen, a network laser printer and several scanners.

Kpalimé : 21 workstations for students,
and an extra one for the teacher.

Kpalimé : The "Raspberry Pi" computer lab
at the Collège Polyvalent Saint-Esprit (summer 2017).

Kpalimé : Initial teachers training (summer 2016).