Photos & videos

Filmed in 2017, this video puts the 3 computer labs (Kuma Adamé, Kuma Tokpli, and Kpalimé) on a map :
-ᐅ video : The 3 labs - Summer 2017

 January 2018 -- Kuma Tokpli

Some recent pictures of the INITIC building in Kuma Tokpli; the building now hosts a Raspberry Pi lab and it should soon host a "multi-purpose" room... 
-ᐅ The Kuma Computer Center (Tokpli)

The INITIC building in Kuma Tokpli from Google Maps:
(Look for the L-shaped building with no roof -- on this view (dated 2015), it doesn't have a roof yet, but it does now!)

-ᐅ The Centre Informatique de Kuma viewed from the sky...

Filmed in 2018, this video offers a quick tour of the Computer Center in Kuma Tokpli
-ᐅ video : Kuma Tokpli - Summer 2018

Summer 2017 – Kuma Adamé

Some recent pictures of the first "Raspberry Pi" computer lab in Togo, three years after its opening -- pictures taken the day we replaced the 21 Raspberry Pi 1 (first generation) with Raspberry Pi 2 and 3...
-ᐅ The "Raspberry Pi" computer lab in Kuma Adamé

The CEG (Middle School) in Kuma Adamé from Google Maps.

(The brown rectangle is the school's sport field ; the computer lab is located in the smlall building along this field, under the shinier section of roof)
-ᐅ The CEG in Kuma Adamé viewed from the sky...

Summer 2017 & 2016 – Collège Polyvalent St-Esprit – Kpalimé

About one hundred pictures illustrating the installation, during Summer 2016, of the "Raspberry Pi" computer lab at the Collège Polyvalent Saint-Esprit in Kpalimé. The lab is in used since October 2016 by several hundred M/HS students.
-ᐅ The "Raspberry Pi" computer lab at the Collège Polyvalent in Kpalimé

The Collège St-Esprit in Kpalimé as seen in Google Maps:
-ᐅ The Collège Polyvalent in Kpalimé viewed from the sky...

Summer 2014 – "Raspberry Pi" computer lab – Kuma Adamé

A video illustrating the installation of the "Raspberry Pi" computer lab in Kuma Adamé -- the first "Raspberry Pi" computer lab in Togo) : 

2014 – Kuma Adamé

This video introduces Kuma Adamé, the village. It was filmed in January 2014. The classroom intended to host our "Raspberry Pi" computer lab had already been refurbished; we still had to install electricity and the local area network. One scene is filmed just in from of the room which became, in July 2014, our first "Raspberry Pi" lab (@ 10:20 min from the beginning). A small group of students is having a Skype conference with students in Montreal:

2014 – Togolese National TV

A short video from the Togolese national Television, in January 2014, reporting on the visit of the Economy & Finance Minister and the Minister for Natural Resources and Energy, to our first computer lab in Kuma Tokpli (during the inauguration of the electricity grid in the Canton of Kuma):

2014 – Ministerial visit to Kuma Tokpli

Another video of the same ministerial visit, filmed by one of the local teachers: