Equipment & Infrastructure

The Equipment

OVER the summer of 2012, thanks to two generous donors, we were able to refurbish, test and securely pack enough laptop computers, flat screens, keyboards, mice, printers, projectors, and all necessary equipment to set up 2 full classrooms.

Computers were installed with the latest version of the Open Source Linux Kubuntu operating system, a collection of educational software, as well as a selection of videos, images, clipart, and eBooks from the public domain.

Over 1 ton of equipment was shipped from Brussels and arrived safely in Kuma in the autumn.

This used IT, in excellent condition, would have made students and teachers very happy in any school in any country ! 

The building that currently hosts our first computer room

The Facility

A SMALL building, with one spacious room, is currently made available to the CIK by a local farmers’s association. 

Located in Kuma Tokpli, it now hosts the first computer classroom. Many members of the community helped with the refurbishing of the facility, adapting the masonry, securing doors and windows, helping with the paintwork, etc.

Proper professional electrical wiring and a local area network were installed, along with 25 computers, in November 2012 , then the first classes were offered to teachers… 

The Computer Center has since been connected to the national electrical grid, which reached the village in September 2012.

We now need to plan for a permanent facility.  With 2 of the 5 schools of the canton located too far away from the others, our objective is the construction of 2 buildings : one to be set in Kuma Tokpli, where the community donated to the CIK a piece of land at a small distance of the local Middle School ; the other, at a reasonable distance of the 2 most remote schools in the canton.