Support INITIC

How can you support INITIC's action?

Through financial support

INITIC is non-profit and does not receive any subsidies. It depends entirely on donations.
Even though its infrastructures work with very reasonable budgets, none of what has been done so far could have been achieved without the support of generous donors.
Each contribution, however modest, makes it possible for our action to grow.

You can send us your contribution by bank transfer to the account of our partner "Enfance Tiers Monde":

     IBAN : BE57 0000 0399 9935
     Enfance Tiers Monde ASBL
     Rue de Dinant 5 boîte 11
     1000 Bruxelles

     RPM Tribunal de l'Entreprise Bruxelles
     NN 409.451.054

with the communication : "For INITIC/CIKuma"

Important : Please let us know about your donation to Enfance Tiers Monde by sending us a simple message.

Enfance Tiers Monde delivers a tax deduction form for all donations of 40€ or more (early March of the following year). That document is valid in Belgium, in the Netherlands, in Luxembourg, and some other countries (please check with local Tax Return in your country).

For other means to forward your financial support (such as Paypal) :
Please contact us!

Donation of « retired » IT equipment

If your Enterprise or Organization plans the replacement of some equipment, think about considering INITIC as a potential recipient: we’ll be able to give your retired equipment a second life... Laptop computers, printers, network equipment, etc. can still be useful when you decide to stop using them. 

Please contact us!

Volunteer for a sojourn in one of our infrastructures

Do you have competencies in ICT — or in the use of ICT in education — and do you wish to have an unforgettable experience or make a practical difference?  Why not consider a work sojourn with the teachers and youth in one of our infrastructures?

Please contact us!

Assist a teacher with the collection of educational content

You can also support the efforts of the teachers and the youth in one of our Partner Schools from a distance! If you are interested in helping research or create quality education content, contact us. Teachers need support to collect pedagogical material for French classes, language classes, mathematics, sciences, history, geography,... 

Please contact us!

"I feel like a 21rst Century illiterate,
because I don't know how to use a computer."

CEG students in front of the new
"Centre Informatique de Kuma" still under construction (2015)

Their new Computer Center in Kuma Tokpli,
which will soon be operational (October 2017)

INITIC is in no way affiliated to a commercial activity, an institution or any other form of organization, nor any political or religious influence. It is completely independent and does not work through intermediaries. Its resources are donated to the project by friends and supporters who only expect, in return, proof that the donations have been used in their entirety for the realization of the set objectives, in line with INITIC's goal.