How to Help the CIK

How can you help the Kuma Computer Center ?

Through Financial Assistance

The CIK is non-profit and does not receive any subsidies. It depends entirely on donations.
Even though the Center works with very reasonable budgets, none of what has been done so far could have been achieved without the support of generous donors. *
Each contribution, even modest, make it possible for the project to grow. **  

Donation of « Retired » IT Equipment

If your Enterprise or Organization plans the replacement of some equipment, think about considering the CIK as a potential recipient : we’ll be able to give your retired equipment a second life...   

Volunteer for a Sojourn in Kuma

Do you have competencies in ICT — or in the use of ICT in education — and do you wish to have an unforgettable experience or make a practical difference ?  Why not consider a work sojourn with the teachers and youth of Kuma ? 

Assist a Teacher from Kuma with the Collection of Educational Content    

You can also support the efforts of the teachers and the youth of Kuma from a distance. If you are interested in helping research or create quality education content , contact us. Teachers  need your support in order to collect French language  pedagogical material related  languages, mathematics, sciences, history, geography,... 

   * The CIK Project was made possible through donations from The International School of Brussels, The Permanent Representation of Sweden in Brussels, and the DJ Foundation.
   ** The CIK accounting records are open to all donors who wish to have access to them.