Open Source & Internet

Open Source Software

THE objective of the Centre Informatique de Kuma is to allow teachers and students to discover as many aspects of ICT as possible,  it is therefore essential to provide them with an appropriate collection of software. The list below gives an overview of the types of applications currently available on each computer. The list is not exhaustive and an image is maintained that can be updated regularly and used to update all computers...

The Open Source Linux (Kubuntu 12.4) was selected as the Operating System in order to provide all computers  with a  suitable, free of charge, easily maintained environment. A  selection of Open Source software is also available on all computers :

  • office applications : LibreOffice (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation tool, vector drawing, and database front-end), Scribus (desktop publishing), GanttProject (project management) ;
  • multimedia :  VLC (multimedia player) , Wimp (image editing), Audition (sound editing),  SweetHome (3D architecture design);
  • Internet access : Firefox (web browser), Skype (VoIP), gPodder (podcast aggregator) ;
  • educational software : Calibre (eBook library management), Marble (geography),  Verbiste (French verbs), Freeplane (idea mapping) , etc. ;
  • programming toolsMIT Scratch (introduction to programming), Python IDE (advanced programming), Arduino IDE (physical programming) ;
  • As well as, of course,… a selection of games.

Access to Internet ?

ONE of the  goals of the CIK is to open, for the local community, a window on the world. That implies access to the internet.

The options currently available in the region to access the internet being rather limited (GPRS and EDGE), that still involves difficult technical issues.  Alternatives exist, which are more expensive and  imply significant recurring fees. Additional funding will be required to envisage such solutions. In the meantime, we are exploring various solutions to help small groups of teachers get the best out of a shared connection to the available networks. 

Providing the CIK with an adequate and reliable access to the internet is an essential component of the project and will be a key objective as soon as the 2 computer rooms are fully operational.