The Budget

The Estimated Budget

Drawing of the future building that should host
the computer room of the CIK in Kuma Tokpli

THE budget for the construction of the first building, which is planned for 2013, has been evaluated at 20000 EUR. It includes :

  • the construction (some of the materials and of the workmanship being provided by the population of Kuma), 
  • the connection to the electrical grid, and 
  • the protection of the infrastructure with an alarm system.

Additional costs must be planned for :

  • the purchase of appropriate furniture,
  • the salary for a full time young graduate working as IT Facilitator for the CIK, making sure teachers receive adequate guidance during their initial discovery of ICT.

The second building, planned for the second phase of the project, should have a similar cost.

Long-term Sustainability

TO ensure the long-term sustainability of the CIK, we  must rely on a local technical team for the maintenance of the equipment. We  are assisted in that by several skilled individuals who can travel regularly from Lomé to Kuma. 

We must also be able to count on the support of Businesses and Organizations who are willing to consider the CIK as a worthy beneficiary when retiring used IT equipment. Often, hardware that is no longer satisfactory in a demanding work environment is still perfectly  adequate in a learning environment. 

Some very-low cost computers, such as the Raspberry Pi, recently appeared on the market, making it possible to contemplate multiplying the number of workstations at a reduced cost. A number of Raspberry Pi computers will be introduced at the CIK in 2013 and their relevance for the project will be evaluated in the months to come.