What they say about us...

2017 – MagPi, the official Raspberry Pi magazine, describes our action in Togo

In its December 2017 issue:
-ᐅ MagPi 64 - Decembre 2017: Bringing Computing to Togo with Pi

2017 – BBC World Service radio talks about our project

In its program "Click" of November 21, 2017 :
-ᐅ Extract of the interview
-ᐅ Complete program podcast
    (The presentation of INITIC starts at 13 minutes from the start)

2014-2017 – The Raspberry Pi Foundation, about our action

The Raspberry Pi Foundation published three blog articles related to our action on thei website:
-ᐅ More Raspberry Pi labs in West Africa (2017)
-ᐅ Building computer labs in Western Africa (2016)
-ᐅ The first Raspberry Pi computer room in Togo (2014)

2017 - Nivelles Entreprises

From the magazine of Nivelles Entreprises (page 18) :
-ᐅ Newsletter 20 September 2017

2017 - The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Development Cooperation)

From the web site of the Belgian Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Development Cooperation:
-ᐅ Affordable, Economical, and low-maintenance school computers 

2016 – The Pen Club Belgique "Label"

Pen Club Belgique gives its "Label" to the CIK project:
-ᐅ Les Raspberries de Kuma -- Le Label

2015 - Enfance Tiers Monde/Kinderen Derde Wereld

Enfance Tiers Monde / Kinderen Derde Wereld supports INITIC's action since 2013. In 2015, the Belgian NGO working for children in less fortunate countries dedicated a special issue of its Bulletin to INITIC: 
-ᐅ Journal ETM 94