mardi 25 septembre 2018

● The new Centre Informatique de Kuma (CIK)

The Centre Informatique de Kuma (CIK), transferred to its new building in December 2018, is now fully operational on its new site, and has one Raspberry Pi computer lab and one multipurpose room available to the youth of Kuma and their Middle School/High School (CEG and Lycée) teachers.

The multipurpose room should also be accessible to the youth of Kuma after school hours. It would provide them with a open, bright, airy, safe and comfortable place where
 to complete homeworks and to study under the control of an adult. Contacts with the local traditional Authority and with the Parent Associations took place in July to put together a team of volunteer adults who agree to supervise the new facility.

Last December, the Association Femmes d'Europe made it possible for us to complete the installation of the Raspberry Pi computer lab through a financial support that covered a significant part of the total budget.

In July, the Conseil Consultatif des Relations Nord-Sud (CCNS) de la Ville de Nivelles gave us financial support to complete the multipurpose room.

This video takes you through a short visit of the CIK in Kuma Tokpli (best viewed in High Definition 720p or 1080p) :

-ᐅ Video : the new CIK in Kuma Tokpli

The new Raspberry Pi computer lab at the CIK
in Kuma Tokpli (August 2018)

The multipurpose room at the CIK in Kuma Tokpli
(August 2018)

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