INITIC - The Project

Kuma Tokpli est l'un des 10 villages du canton de Kuma
The canton of Kuma, in the hilly Plateaux Region of Togo, near the Ghanaian border, counts 10 villages and a population of several thousands. 80% of these families depend on coffee production for a living. Over 50% of the population is considered below poverty level. The first language in the region is Ewé, but French is the official language of Togolese education.

The Canton has 5 secondary schools with a total attendance of about 700 students (4 Middle Schools and 1 High School). Unfortunately, the trend over the last 10 years shows a decline in school attendance and an increase in dropout rates. Lack of resources is clearly one of the major causes of the growing loss of interest for school amongst young people and their migration to large cities.

Local school Directors and teachers strongly believe that access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can have a significant impact on their teaching and can reverse the current negative trend.
It is during an exchange of ideas that took place in Kuma in November 2011 with a group of local teachers that the concept of a Centre Informatique de Kuma (CIK) emerged.

Our Objective and our Goals

OUR objective is to facilitate the discovery of ICT for all local teachers (from Elementary to High School), to encourage the use of ICT in support of teaching of all subjects, and to give all secondary school students, as well as all adults of the local community who express interest, the opportunity to acquire a minimum level of ICT literacy. We also aim to break the isolation of the 5 local schools by facilitating online collaboration with other schools in Togo and in the world.

Our goals are :
  • to set up a local Computer Center with 2 fully equipped computer rooms and access to the internet, located in 2 buildings easily accessible to students from the 5 schools;
  • to engage in the initial training of the current 30+ teachers with the view to helping them become autonomous in regard to ICT;
  • to organize the maintenance of the equipment and the infrastructure ; and
  • to find  the means to secure the long-term sustainability of the project.

A Community Project

THE idea of a Computer Center originated from teachers from the local community.
The project is developed with the community and will benefit strictly the members of that community. It involves no intermediaries nor other external interests.

The management of the CIK , registered as an independent  Non-Profit Organization*, includes members of the direct and local community — representatives of the school Directors, of the teachers, of the Parents Associations, of the Traditional Authorities, as well as other members of the community , some of whom have completed higher education. Together they all bring support and expertise to the project.

      * Registration pending.